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Realistic Carvings


While carefully studying fish anatomy, color, habitat, as well as artistic composition and design, Clark endeavors to re-create God's handiwork with the highest degree possible of anatomical & environmental accuracy.

These painted fish sculptures are generally carved out of Tupelo from the Mississippi River Delta Country while all the habitat is carved from either Tupelo or Jelutong from Malaysia.

At the World Class (masters) level of competition, all parts of the composition must be carved from wood with only two exceptions: glass eyes and metal for structural support. No real rocks, driftwood, coral, shells, etc. are used. All parts are TOTALLY carved from wood.

Master Carver Clark Schreibeis, of Billings Montana produces the finest decorative (painted) fish carvings available. As the winner of "Judge's Choice, Best of Show" at five World Championship Competitions, he is setting the standard of excellence in the art of fish carving.

Recognized for his fresh and saltwater fish, as well as Natural Finish (interpretive) sculptures, he continues to create one of a kind wood masterpieces for discriminating buyers throughout the country.

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Danger at the Cleaning Station

Danger at the Cleaning Station